Friday, 1 February 2013

Fitness Freak Friday! - The First Edition

 Welcome to the first ever

On Christmas Day, (was that really 5 weeks ago??), I scored the best present from Mr Hausfrau. He listened to my request for a membership at the brand spanking new leisureplex that opened up around the corner. It's freaking awesome! State of the art gym, group fitness program, cool pool areas with slide, huge library with fantastic study areas, meeting areas, blah blah blah, etc etc etc.....

Anyhoo, I was thinking, since I have this whole blog thing happening, I may as well share what it is that I actually do in the mild hope that someone may possibly be interested ;)

So without further ado, I give you, my last week......

Australia Day Triathlon! 200m swim 7km ride. 2km run
Sick - stupid ear infection!
15km bike ride at the gym. 2km treadmill run. 3km road run
7.6km walk delivering catalogues with PrincessBF
750m freestyle swim - Non stop
Super setted weights session. Over 5700kgs lifted.

5km run on the treadmill

At the moment I'm training for the next triathlon that's happening in March plus I'm trying to improve my road running times and distance.... It's been a while since I've run over 5km - I need to get back into the 10km runs!!

I've joined up with the lovely Kate over at Kate Says Stuff for her #OperationMOVE - go and check it out. If you're interested you should definitely join in on the challenge!! You can check out her facebook page here and her blog here.

Check back with me next week and see how my week went and I'd love it if you tell me what YOU did this week!!!

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If you've been following me on facebook you may or may not know that I have registered for a 220km bike ride  for the Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2013. This is a cause close to my heart as I have lost some very special people to this horrible disease. As part of my entry I need to fund raise a minimum of $2500 to take part in the actual ride. I really hate asking for donations but I've been told that it's the only way! Do you have a spare $2? Every little bit helps. All money raised will go directly to support cancer patients and their families and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible. Thank you!!


  1. You are a deadset inspiration!

  2. Awesome week Toni. I am in awe of your swimming and you have inspired me. I would love to be able to do triathlons, but have to get my swimming sorted. It won't be the first half of this year, but it will happen at some point. I did a 5km run on Wed, 12km run today, and kettlebell sessions on Monday and Thursday. I am hoping to do a bit more now that kinder starts this week. Lovely to connect with you at Operation Move. xx

  3. You certainly are a fitness inspiration Toni, what a great week (besides the ear infection). Your new gym sounds amazing! Sarah @dearbabyg x


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