Friday, 1 March 2013

Fitness Freak Friday - Week 5 - The Nervous Week

This week has been one full of nerves!!
I wasn't THIS nervous before my first ever triathlon on Australia Day so not sure why the nerves are kicking in this time. Silly really!
It might be because this one is in the ocean (the last one was in the Swan River) or maybe it's because I know what is coming this time!
I can swim now, something that this time last year seemed impossible, so I'm not scared that I can't make the distance. It's just that I really don't like the feeling of swimming in a bunch. It's a little claustrophobic. Hell, I don't even like swimming in the same lane as someone in the pool!!

I just need to get in the right head space, race my own race and JFDI!!

For those interested - this is what I did this week!

7km run on the treadmill

Held a little "faux" triathlon at the gym

300m swim
7km ride
3km run
Finished it all in just over 40mins - that includes "transition" from the pool to the gym. Walk don't run!
I know that the real deal will take a little longer


Sunday ride with Mr Hausfrau
16km along the river followed by brekky near the Zoo!
He's getting faster!

6km run on the treadmill
(3km in 15minutes then jumped off because my favourite treadie became available - I can point a fan at it - and programmed in a 3km hill run, finished in 18 minutes as I set it at a lower speed (10.2kph) so the hills weren't too much of a bitch!)

Body Balance class
1km swim (350m freestyle, 300m freestyle with pull buoy, 350m freestyle)

5km hill run

My Birthday!!

3km treadmill run (15minutes!)
Body Balance class


#OperationMOVE for February ended yesterday! #OperationMOVE for March kicked off today! Come and join in!
If you like the whole "photo a day" thingy there is a #OpMOVEPicADay for this month too! There are some Blackmores products up for grabs!

See you next week with a story of my latest triathlon!

Did you move this week??

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  1. Well, after seeing your activity for the week I think i'm just going to have to get off my butt and go for a run. It's pouring and windy here, but I have no excuse... we bought a tready about 6 months ago in preparation for days like this! I *hate* treadmill running though! Off I go :) x

    1. I'm loving running on the treadmill more than the road at the moment! I think I'm too lazy to run on the road - the thought of running 5km on the treadmill seems easier than 5km on the road - I think it's got something to do with already being at the finish line and just waiting for the distance to catch up! Does that make sense? LOL

  2. I am exciting for you! A triathlon is such an amazing achievement. You are doing so well in your training. I am with Jenn though treadmill running is so boring! Kick arse!!!

  3. Holy moly I cannot even imagine being able to do this. I am deadset scared of swimming in the ocean - I'm a good swimmer, but I am scared of the dark water! Silly! I am reading so many blogs where people are getting so fit, I can't seem to get off my bum at the moment. I've never been so unfit! I blame having little kids. But I know it's a copout. Best of luck!


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