Friday, 22 March 2013

Fitness Freak Friday - Week 8 - The one where I need to keep myself busy!!

I had a meeting with my personal trainer today to revisit my training program. Let's call him Ricky - it may or may not be his real name. (Ok yeah it is - I'm too tired to think of a clever one) Time to step things up a notch with the weight training. 

We did some measurement and tests. My body fat percentage is 18% and within the Athletic range! Can't complain about that. Don't know what it was when I joined the gym 3 months ago but it would have definitely gone down as I've lost a few cm's in my measurements. My goal now is to get to 15%.

We also measured my VO2 Max and guess who scored in the "Excellent" range? ME!!!

Pretty happy with my results so far. The changes are noticeable!

In other news.....

Mr Hausfrau has been gone for a week today. The "work" part of his trip ended on Wednesday and he headed from North Germany to South Germany to visit his family. I use the word "work" very loosely as his facebook page seems to be full of photos of eating and drinking!

I'm enjoying the extra ME time but definitely looking forward to having him home. I miss that man. I love that after almost 7 years together the love bug still bites me every. single. day.

This is what my week looked like while keeping myself occupied.

I took the day off to spend it with Mr Hausfrau before he flew out

20 minute run on the treadmill - 3.7kms
10 minutes on the stair master
20 minutes on the elliptical machine - 3kms
10 minute walk on the treadmill
Weights session - arms

60 minutes on the Elliptical machine - 10.8kms
10 minute cool down walk

1km warm up on the Elliptical machine
Weight session - legs
1km sprint on the treadmill

45 minutes on the Elliptical machine (8.2km) before my Body Balance class

Hit the pool. It was freezing! Didn't do a big swim, just 500m, enough to get the heart rate up and to be happy that I "moved" for the day!

60 minutes on the Elliptical machine - 12.2km

Did you exercise this week? Tell me about it!

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