Friday, 5 April 2013

Fitness Freak Friday - Week 10 - Mr Hausfrau is home, all is well in the world again.

Mr Hausfrau came home from his half work half play trip to Germany this week...

I was just a teensy bit excited to see him!

I spent Friday and Saturday kid free before he got home so on Good Friday I went for a nice ride down the highway to the freeway. The amount of traffic banked up on the freeway trying to get out of town. Not moving. Jammed - was a sight to behold! On Saturday I got all my exercise out of the way early so that my afternoon was free to go pick up my man!!

So this is what my last week looked like .....

35km bike ride

1 hour on the Elliptical machine (11.75km)
15 minutes on the treadmill - slow paced hill walk - on the highest incline - 1.3km
Ab workout

3.33km run
3.33km elliptical
10.4km ride

1.5km elliptical warm up
Arm, shoulders, back weight session
Ab workout
2km sprint on the treadmill - 10min
Cool down walk

1km elliptical warm up
Legs and glute weights session
5km cool down ride
Body Balance class

In the afternoon I caught up with my fellow team member for The Ride to Conquer Cancer and we went for a nice paced 21.6km ride around the Swan River


Rest Day!
Need it! I think I'm getting an ear infection. Boo :(

1km warm up sprint (5min)
500m walk (5min)
45min weight session - legs/glutes/abs
2.5km hill walk - fast paced (20min)

How was your Easter?? Did you eat a lot of chocolate and hot crossed buns??? I did!

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If you've been following me on facebook you may or may not know that I have registered for a 220km bike ride  for the Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2013. This is a cause close to my heart as I have lost some very special people to this horrible disease. As part of my entry I need to fund raise a minimum of $2500 to take part in the actual ride. I really hate asking for donations but I've been told that it's the only way! Do you have a spare $2? Every little bit helps. All money raised will go directly to support cancer patients and their families and all donations $2 and over are tax deductible. Thank you!!

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  1. Man you are amazing. I am exhausted from all that exercise ... or at least reading about it. Go you good thing! xx


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