Friday, 12 April 2013

Fitness Freak Friday - Week 11 - The one where I feel tired, oh so tired.

Feeling very slack this week. Running has taken a back seat until I can get my hands on some new shoes. My current ones are very worn and crap and non supportive. Did I mention that they're crap?

Every day around 12 noon I feel like I hit a wall. The yawning starts and I feel ready to put my pyjamas on and call it a night day!

On the positive side, my muscles, omg my muscles. I'm seeing muscles that I never knew I had! Hello six pack! My upper body is getting scary too. Might be time to take a progress photo. Kicking myself that I don't have a "before" photo to compare with.

I've upped the weights a little. Time to up the cardio a little just to burn a teensy bit of fat that's made itself at home on body ;)

But I know what I need to do. Yep, change what I'm eating. Oh don't get me wrong, I don't eat crap... But I do partake in a glass of wine most nights and I've been known to eat the occasional cake or three.

So this is what exercise looked like in my past week.....

45min on the Elliptical machine - a nice pace as my ear is all yuck. 8.32km

Early morning cycle with my Ride to Conquer Cancer team mate. 21km

Finally gave in and went to the doctors about my ear.
Sinusitis. Bugger!
Spent the afternoon doing gardening though - totally counts as exercise!
1km sprint on the treadmill for warm up
Arm, shoulders, back weight session
Ab workout
30min on the Elliptical machine
2km run with PrincessBF after school. She has cross country tomorrow

1km elliptical warm up
Legs, glute and abs weights session
30min Elliptical workout - 5.75km
Body Balance class

Rest Day!

1km Elliptical warm up sprint
Legs, glute and abs weight session
3km hill walk - moderate pace - 30min + cool down

What's your diet like? Do you "eat clean"? I mean really really clean??
More importantly - what tricks do you have to beat the midday sleepy time feeling??

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