Thursday, 2 May 2013

Blog Everyday in May Challenge - Day 2 - Educate You!

Todays challenge? Educate YOU!

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know alot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

Todays lesson

How to get bitten on the arse by Karma

Step 1. Put chicken on to poach.

Step 2. Make sure your son is nice and moody.

Step 3. Take chicken out of the pot while trying to ignore moody son.

Step 4. Head to the shop to buy some clothes for moody son.

Step 5. While in K-Mart witness another mother call her tweenage daughter a "stupid mole" using a vicious tone. Bite your tongue.

Step 6. Feel a wee bit judgy wudgy.

Step 7. Post message on facebook page about judgy wudgy moment.

Step 8. Arrive home to realise chicken poaching pot is still on the stove minus the poaching water and your house is full of smoke.

Step 9. Feel Karma's sharp teeth sink into your butt!!

Ta da! Enjoy!

What Karma looks like

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  1. I love your take on the day two prompt! I couldn't come up with anything too creative. I'm definitely looking forward to what you do with the next few prompts :) Happy blogging! xoxox

  2. Oh you poor thing. I saw that facebook update, and thought yep been there done that. On both counts kinda, not that I have or would call my girls a stupid mole but there have certainly been times where I have spoken in ways that have not pleased me. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  3. Haha I love it. Oh how good it feels to silently judge people. I mean, we all do it! The flip side of judging yourself does not feel so good. Glad to see you are doing the challenge. Day 2 and I'm already behind. Sheesh!

  4. I saw a mother tell her 4 year old daughter off for not staying in her line of vision. The daughter replied 'well if you followed me you would always see me.' My judgy wudgy laugh was obvious. A burning pot would upset me but maybe karma saved you from a kitchen fire or worse.


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