Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The one about who I am and why I'm doing this

After realising that I spend WAY too much time sitting in front of my laptop reading other peoples blogs I decided that maybe I have something to offer too! I'm not quite sure what that is yet!! - I have no rhyme or reason but I thought I'd go with the flow and see which direction this takes me! 

So who am I? Well I'm a busy Mum who is meant to be studying although I find myself spending 90% of my time telling people that I study and 10% of my time actually studying! I hope to change that soon. Maybe.  I’m also the Queen of Procrastination ;)

I love cooking. I spend hours researching yummy recipes to feed my family and love nothing better than creating a themed menu for a fun night in with the kids! I hope to be able to post some of my yummy meals on the blog! (once I work out how!)

I love health and fitness. I cook healthy and live healthy (apart from the wine – that is absolutely necessary to get me through my week!) I may or may not post about my health and fitness adventures with tips and hints and ideas etc etc etc….
I’m not very organised although I strive to be! I spend too much time making list of the lists that I need to make! Maybe I’ll post all the cool ideas that I find and would love to actually do and try and blah blah blah….

I'm married to a gorgeous German man (hence why I’m the Aussie Hausfrau) who I'm absolutely crazy about!  He's my rock and pretty funny for a German! We make each other laugh and that keeps us happy :) I think I’ll call him Mr Hausfrau ;)

I have 2 wonderful kids – My daughter is an extremely sporty and energetic chick who talks non-stop and is a little spit fire! We clash big time eleventy eight times a week but I love her to death and wouldn't have her any other way! Let's call her PrincessBF (http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9780143004660/princess-bitchface-syndrome)

My son is the youngest, my little baby, although when I tell him that he tells me that “it’s inappropriate” to say that! I’m also not allowed to kiss him in public! He is wise beyond his years and is passionate about so many things. When he wants to do something or buy something he spends hours and hours researching. Of course these things generally phase in and out so quickly that I can’t keep up! He is, by his own admission, very random! He comes up with the most random comments and stories at the most random times! He shall from here on be called Random Boy!

So there you have us. I really don’t know what direction this blog will go in but I hope you stick with me on my journey to find out!

Tsch├╝ss (that’s “bye” in German)
The Aussie Hausfrau

PS – I’m pretty sure that I’m going to stay anonymous for now. Not because I’m being secretive but I’m just not sure how far I want to put myself out there for now. I’ve noticed that many other bloggers do the same thing. I hope you’ll understand.

PSS - I apologise if the post is a little basic - I'm still learning - I'm hoping to get better the more I do it ;)

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  1. Welcome to Cyberspace :) Hope its a good distraction from studying for you. A good excuse too. Hope it all works out for you.
    Let me know if you need a hand with anything. I'm pretty lame at it all but have found a few good blooger mates in cyberspace and pretty much everyone is happy to help each other along.

    1. Thanks! My biggest problem at the moment is the layout and design of the page. I'm a little impatient with it and I'm trying to work out how to add gadgets (like a facebook link) and how people add their own logos and background designs.. I'll get there :)

  2. Haha! I started blogging when I was 'studying', and I think I'll have to fight you for the 'Queen of Procrastination' title, because that's me... along with Queen of Lazy Cooking.

    Anonymous is ok if you feel that's best for you, and it's also ok to not really be sure what you're doing. I think many of us feel like that, myself included!

    1. Thanks Lisa :)

      I'm willing to share the title! ;)


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