Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A ranty reformed smoker post

I'm a reformed smoker. I quit over 10 years ago.

I don't normally preach my non smoking ways.

Actually that's probably not really true.

I preach non smoking to my kids all the time. I want them to realise just how bad it really is.

I preach non smoking to my parents. I hate that they smoke and want them to be around for many more years.

I preach non smoking to my friends. But only when they are talking about quitting. I don't push my friends to quit unless they are wanting to and then I'm there. Supporting.

I really don't give a flying fuck if other people smoke. It's their choice. It's not my health.

(Why that's a big but Toni - Well yes it is 'cause this is a biggy)

I do give a fuck if people smoke in places that are meant to be smoke free!

Please don't smoke in the playground around my kids.

Please don't smoke at the local sporting field.

and the reason for todays post.

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Please don't smoke standing right underneath the "No Smoking In This Area" sign right outside the entrance to the shopping centre where my son and I have to walk through your cloud of smoke to get to the entrance!!

I may or may not have said a wee bit loud something like "gotta love how people smoke in the no smoking area" - to which this lovely classy lady may or may not have replied "Yes, isn't that sad. Sad sad sad sad"

In my head I responded with "why yes, you are a little sad".

What I actually said? Nothing. I'm better than that. I'd rather come here and rant to you guys!

If people want to smoke in their house, their yard, their car, that's fine by me I really don't care! But please people. Those "No Smoking" signs out the front of shops are there for a reason! When walking out of the shops I want to take a breath of the fresh Australian air - not your second hand smoke!

Just on that last one - the smoking in the car one -  if you smoke in your car with kids in it may the flies of a thousand horses annoy you for eternity while the fleas of a million camels invade your erogenous zones!

To any of my reader who smoke - please don't see this as a personal attack on you. Smoking is your choice and I respect that! Unless you're smoking under a "no smoking" sign ;)

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  1. Oh! As a non-smoker I hate the smell of smoke! It makes me feel sick and I want to throw up.
    We recently went to Bali and I was so disgusted that they allow smoking inside- I was the only non-smoker in our group of 7. It was such a big deal for them to move away while we were eating, 2 of them thought it should be me that walk away! At the end I said, "when we get home, you son;t be smoking all over the place so how about you use your manners here too?" Gosh I was so annoyed with my so called friends.
    Go on, waste your money, get smelly hands,teeth, breath, kill yourself slowly (my pop dies from lung cancer) see if I care!
    Ooh that was a rant, sorry! But I totally agree with your post!

    1. That is abominable of your so-called friends!

  2. Totally agree. HAte it when smokers smoke near my kids at family events. Sometimes even in doors. So stupid and inconsiderate.

  3. If ONLY there was a law against smoking in playgrounds, sporting fields, other outdoor public access places! There isn't as far as I am aware?? It is utterly foul that I as a non-smoker should have to stand by and have my hair and clothes and nose fill with their disgusting smoke and I can't even say anything. It is me who is supposed to walk away - hardly possible if I have to push my child on a swing, etc. I would rather walk away (and have to, often) than feel sick and have that smell in my airways for the next half hour.

    Do these selfish people not understand? Rant away, Toni! I get so riled by their lack of consideration that I can't see straight!

  4. Yes, yes, YES! I am sooooo on you with this one. As a reformed smoker myself I see absolutely NO excuse for the behaviours you have just listed. I was one of those 'considerate' smokers. I always found a spot to have a smoke as far away from any person or non-smoking, or heavily trafficked areas as I could possibly get, if a child came anywhere near me while I was smoking I put my cigerette straight out and I never threw my butts on the ground. If there wasn't a place nearby to dispose of my EXTINGUISHED butt then I would pop it back in he packet and dispose of it later. ANd on that, what is with idiots putting still smoking butts in bins so the whole bloody bins starts to smoulder??? The amount of times I have walked past a smoking bin, especially in the city, is ridiculous.

  5. I have to bite my tongue not to say anything when I see this, because I always have the boys with me, I don't want them to get involved or hear anything that may be said back to us. But I make a point of totally avoiding the area and letting the boys know why.

  6. I am soooo with you!
    via FYBF

  7. I could have written this word for word. Funny, if I am out with girlfriends who still smoke I don't mind smelling it if it's wafting around - but if it's going directly in my face, and it's thick, it makes me sick. I just think back to what a slave to it I was, and I know these people are too.

  8. AGREE!!!! I hate walking through clouds of peoples smoke, at a Wedding recently someone lit up and stood smoking next to my baby who was asleep in his pram.. REALLY???!!! I was so angry.

  9. oOooooo!!

    I am a smoker.. who chooses not to smoke. I know I am still addicted even though I gave up 4 years ago. I know I won't smoke again. But I can not say I am a non-smoker.. because I know given the chance I would smoke again.. but I choose not to.

    saying that.. I hate other peoples smoke.. it makes me gag. I was at a wedding at the weekend and we were all standing around waiting for the bride to come and a lady lit up and smoked.. it was an outdoor wedding but still it was where we were all gathered to watch the bride and groom.. it wasn't away from us. it bugged us and I think most people.


  10. I am a smoker (currently on my Quit journey) but I agree. No smoking areas are just that and as for smoking around others, I actually feel bad and ensure I move right away. I am the one who chooses/chose to smoke not passers by.

  11. I love the ones that smoke outside the hospital doors! That really annoys me!

  12. People used to stand around the side entrance to my work (at an insurance company) smoking, and through 2 pregnancies I had to walk through this disgusting cloud of smoke several times a day. It infuriated me but I had no other way in and out of the building. And it made me feel my first trimester I barely managed not to throw up on them. On second thought, maybe I should have just let it go to show the consequences of such bad manners.

  13. I completely agree, even when I was a smoker I still looked upon the parents in the playground with a cigarette in one hand and their child in the other with shameless judgement. Smokers do your thing, I envy you, quitting smoking was like ending my favorite love affair ever. But come on, get a room guys.


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