Sunday, 9 December 2012

The story of MY Advent calendar

This is my Advent calendar. MINE. All mine

Don't worry - the kids didn't miss out. They each got one of those cardboard, open the little window type ones.I'm not that mean!

But this one - all mine!!

I bought it last year (K-Mart I think) and this year I filled it with a box of *Favourites chocolates! (Again - MINE)

This is the one that was in the little drawer waiting for me to devour it's chocolate yumminess today.

Yet, when I opened MY chocolate I found this!

It seems that PrincessBF got to MY chocolate first and replaced it with an eraser... Hmmmm - next year I'm going to have to hide them or only fill them with a chocolate that she doesn't like! 

Cheeky little shite!!!

*No this is not a sponsored post. But if any Cadbury people out there are reading this I wouldn't say no to a block or two - Just sayin'

Do you do an Advent calendar for yourself too? Maybe one of those wine ones ;)

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  1. Replies
    1. It was!! Then today she took the last toilet roll and left an empty one with "You're stuffed now!!" written on it!!!!!

  2. You've always got to be one step ahead of them Toni. Little shite alright! LOL


  3. Hahahah! I'm loving it, I bet a moment filled with bitter sweet pride when you unwrapped that one!!!

    1. It was!! I was peeved I missed out on my chocolate but very impressed with her humour!!

  4. I just found Mikala in the fridge with a Lindt ball in each cheek! Cant seem to hide anything these days! And she is only 3! My friends husband wraps up the choccy wrappers and put them back. So cruel when there isn't even one left!

    1. I'm totally picturing a little chipmunk with cheeks fulls of chestnuts! Cute!!

  5. Replies
    1. Too right Mrs D!! I might buy her some chocolates for Xmas and then eat them!!!


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