Friday, 22 March 2013

FFS FRIDAY - The one where I missed a few weeks of FFS'ing

Let me start with my first FFS. It's 2145 on Friday and I'm only just now sitting down to write my FFS Friday post! FFS!!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to FFS. FFS

Soooooo, when last we met to listen to me whinge I was gearing up for the SunSmart Women's Triathlon.

Did it. No FFS

The swim sucked. FFS

Had no money to celebrate afterwards. FFS

Last week Mr Hausfrau flew to Germany for a well deserved work trip. No FFS

I couldn't go. FFS

The dog has been behaving badly ever since he left. FFS

He's been gone a week. FFS

The dogs barking drives me effing crazy. FFS

Still have another week to go. FFS

Yesterday Mr Hausfrau's "work" trip ended and he is now visiting his family. No FFS

He keeps teasing me over Skype with all the yummy food and drink he is having. FFS

On Wednesday Random Boy took his iPod touch to school when he shouldn't have. FFS

Some little shit purposely jumped on his bag and smashed it. FFS

PrincessBF has built up teenager hormones raging around her body. FFS

Last night I went to say goodnight to her. As I was walking out of the room I said "Goodnight honey - I love you" - to which she shrieked "SHUT THE DOOR!" FFS!

Mr Hausfrau doesn't get home until next Saturday. FFS

I get the whole bed and use of TV remote to myself until then. No FFS

Until then I also have to deal with him teasing me with all that Germany has to offer. FFS

I have the worst PMS. FFS

I have heaps of wine in the wine rack. THANK F&$K

Linking up with the gorgeous Sarah from Dear Baby G for FFS Friday - apparently it's cheaper than mofo therapy. Wine helps too!!

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  1. I'm feeling angsty after reading that!

  2. You are kind and generous beyond words to allow him an overseas junket without anything in return.

    I do hope you've planned some sort of child-free girls trip in retalliation / return?

  3. Thank god for wine!! That sounds like a nightmare few weeks. I hope you get something good in return for his amazing sounding trip!!


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