Sunday, 14 April 2013

The winds of change are blowing! (Alternative title - Mr Hausfrau is now a blogger)

I smell change in the air....

Remember Mr Hausfrau's addiction?? Remember how I thought it wouldn't last but I was proven wrong?? Remember how he  sucked Random Boy into the cult that is Battle Pirates???

Well it finally happened.

It's been replaced.

With a blog.


This morning after our Sunday bike ride, and after his earlier than usual "nanna nap", I fielded a few unusual (unusual for him) questions from him.

"Where did you get your font from for your blog?"
"Do you remember my gmail email password?"
"What do you use to access google+? Your real name of your blogs name?"


Then a little light bulb switched on over my head!

"Um honey? Are you starting your own blog??"

"Maybe" he says, with a silly little grin on his face...

Lord help me!

So without further adieu I give you

     Der Scharfschütze
Click it to view it ;)
Want to hear it spoken click here

Mr Hausfrau (who will remain Mr Hausfrau for the time being on my blog) is now...

 Der Scharfschütze - Aka "The Sharp Shooter"

This is Mr Hausfrau's take on a German living in Australia and everything in between!

So not exactly a German Aussie "Daddy Blogger", not quite defined yet. He is still finding his way.

I'm just hoping that this is the end of the other addiction! Best not pop that champagne just yet me thinks......But pass me a wine anyway, I'm going to need it!

At breakfast this morning after our bike ride

If you blog, does your husband blog too??

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  1. lol love the name! And lets hope the Pirate battles are long gone! Can't wait to read more!

  2. Not yet but I think he could possibly in the future. He's really interested in what I'm doing and he's a chef so he's got a built in topic already!

    I'm assuming from the title your hubby's blog will be written in German? I hope you'll share come translations with us as "The Sharpshooter" sounds intriguing! Rach xx

  3. The Sharp Shooter... sounds interesting!

    All the best to Mr Hausfrau with the new addiction. :-)

  4. I can't wait to have a read! And to see what you both say about each other :) Em
    And there's NO WAY my hubby would ever have a blog, he doesn't even own a FB account!!


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