Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pirates have my boys held hostage!

Very sleath like, maybe even Ninja style, I snuck into Random Boys room to retrive my laptop so I could join in on todays #IBOT (That's I Blog On Tuesdays if you're not familar. It's hosted by the one and only Jess from Essentially Jess. If you've never been you really should stop by and have a gander! The recent #IBOT is here)

So where was I? Oh yes. Ninja style.

You see, I needed to steal my laptop back as Random Boy has pretty much held it hostage since the beginning of the holidays.


Oh let me tell you!

Remember waaaaay back in the beginning of October last year when I told you about Mr Hausfrau's new addiction? Then at the end of October when I was forced to eat my words?

No? Ok well I'll wait here and enjoy my laptops return while you head off and catch up! (Links are just above)

(for those too busy to play the catch up game I'll give you the quick low down. Mr Hausfrau started playing a stupid facebook game called Battle Pirates which I nicknamed Butt Pirates. In the past these little addictions never really lasted more than a week or two so I wasn't worried but by the end of October I knew that I had been mistaken! But you really should go read up on it - I'm pretty sure I wrote it funnier than that last year)

Ok - all caught up? Good.

So what's this got to do with Random Boy?

Well it seems that Mr Hausfrau, after almost 4 fecking months of the stupid game is still hooked AND he has now sucked Random Boy into playing too!!

I've now lost both of my boys to the pirates! *sob*

Random Boy playing Butt Pirates under the experienced instructions of Mr Hausfrau

Just for the record. I wrote this post this morning at 8am - then my laptop was stolen back and I'm only just getting to finish and click publish now at 1250!! Someone had to check his ships!!

Mr Hausfrau if you're reading this I'd like an iPad for my birthday please!

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  1. I haven't heard of that game. But I'm not really into games that much, so it's probably not that surprising!
    My hubby steals my laptop too, and when he's got a PC in the study, as well as a tablet and a work computer, it doesn't impress me! :)

  2. lol It is nice that they are doing something together. But definitely I think you need an Ipad for your birthday. Wouldn't want you to miss an #IBoT. I already fight with my 5 year old for my computer what is it going to be like when he is 15!

  3. Oooh get the iPad mini, I scored one from Santa and I am in luurve!
    As Annaleis said, nice they are doings something together. But when they start talking like pirates and requesting a parrot it's time to step in.

  4. I found you on IBOT! Great post! I too have a husband who is hooked on a computer game, I'm dreading it when my two boys get older and follow his lead! My daughter already has a love of anything that slightly resembles technology!
    BTW I love your 'who is Aussie Hausfrau', it reminds me of me, especially the wine drinking parts! Emily :)

  5. Lol, its usually me in the house that gets addicted to stupid facebook games, although Dave has been known to spend many an hour playing Call of Duty on the Wii! My biggest worry now is Mia, she has figured out to use my iPad and can now get in to the kids apps she likes and would spend hours playing with the bloody thing If I didn't take it off her and limit her use. And she's only 14 months old!

  6. Fingers crossed for the ipad, thinking i should put one on my list this year. Popping in from IBOT :)

  7. Hoping you get your ipad. With three sons I know all about online games and have the bills to prove it !!!

  8. I remember that post, hmm... maybe it's a good game to have that much longevity. I might check it out.


  9. I am sooooo thankful that my husband isn't into computer games. Fingers crossed for an iPad very soon :-)

  10. Oh no! My brother recently got hubby playing a video game, it is so frustrating! It does appear that he has lost interest again now, fingers crossed it stays that way.
    Found you from FYBF

  11. LOL! You're in big trouble! When both of the are addicted, there's no going back. Well, it's either video games or footy on telly. Limited choices, huh?

  12. Oh dear, I know what it's like to lose a husband (whether briefly or more long-term) to a piece of technology! When Siri first arrived I didn't hear from him for months!

  13. When I first got onto Facebook I would have jumped through the screen and lived in my farm at farmtown, if I could. But there is no way I would let anyone else in the house use my laptop!

  14. i used to be addicted as well to farmville. Now I can't stand all the games and the game requests. i block game requests from who ever sends me any now. I hardly get any more requests.

    Oh and good luck with getting your laptop back.

  15. Oh I know how you feel Toni. My laptop is forever being hijacked by my boys for games on "coolmathgames.com" , I think they think the "math" part makes it all ok in the name of doing something educational. Not buying it though.
    However, I did grow some veggies and fruits in Farmville on FB when it was still relatively new and kinda trendy to be playing all those gamaes so can relate to the addiction. Hope they grow out of it soon for your sake though...an iPad wouldn't eb such a bad trade off though... Just sayin :P
    Have an awesome weekend xo

  16. Hahaha, those games are sooo addictive. I have to admit that I was hooked on Farmville (Oh the shame) for a while until I figured out that that was the reason the internet was getting eaten up so quickly. Fingers crossed at least you'll get a little bit of peace and quiet while they're playing :)

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  18. I haven't heard of it and nor am I going to go looking for it, I am a bit prone to becoming way to involved in those games! Good luck with the iPad request for your birthday


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