Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The first post of the year complete with a slack arse apology and a list of crap I hope to do this year but I know I'll probably fail at.

Geez I've been a slack arse blogger! For that I apologise.

In my defence I've had a house full of people since Christmas Day - we celebrated at home this year and made the family do all the driving to come to us for a change. Then we had German family arrive at 5am on Boxing Day so we've been busy entertaining ever since! Beaches, parks, Zoo visits, city views, outback adventures, Margaret River tours, restaurants and most importantly, drinking drinking drinking!!!!

Yesterday was spent driving to Margaret River with the Germans following behind, to set them up for a few days touring the area. Spent the day eating, drinking and hitting the beaches. We couldn't stay (damn dog) so we drove home last night, Mr Hausfrau driving and me trying extremely hard not to fall asleep. Many failed attempts were had! Got home just in time to pop the Champagne and wait for the televised fireworks. TOTAL FAIL. Dozed off and woke to the feeling of my Champagne pouring all over my lap!! Doh! It was the real stuff too!!

I was in bed at 2345 and asleep by midnight. Oh how the tables have turned. Usually Mr Hausfrau is the one snoring while I watch the fireworks and drink the last of the Champagne!

Anywho - that's no excuse for my bad blogging attendance so without further ado - I give you my list of New Years Resolutions!!!

1. Write a list and actually stick to my new years resolutions.

2. Lernen, flie├čend Deutsch sprechen (Learn to speak fluent German)

3. Get further ahead with my studies.

4. Take the blog to new heights ;)

5.Fitness! Fitness! Fitness! (This needs a list all for it's own - come back later for details)

6. Write a fitness list post for people to come back to.

7. Make travel plans. Germany would be nice.

8. Be a more social friend. More catch ups with friends!! (read: more wine time with friends)

9. Spend more time with the family. This is my sisters last year in Perth before heading back over east - I guess that'll mean she'll take my nieces and nephew with her? :(

10. Be more organised. (LOL - not gonna happen but I was short one!)

and just for shits and giggles

11. Remember to write 2013 and NOT 2012!!

What's your New Year Resolution/s? 
Do you do them? 
More importantly, do you stick to them? 
I usually don't. But if my lil' sis could go the WHOLE of 2012 without ANY McDonalds, HJ's, KFC or store bought pizza then I sure as hell should be able to do at least ONE thing from my list!! 
 I'm sure I'll have a good chuckle in a years time when I look back and realise that I aimed too high ;)
So? Where's your list? Share them with me!

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  1. Good Luck with your list! I came over from IBOT

  2. Lol great list! At least you've written. I'm even procrastinating that part!

  3. I'm terrible with resolutions so I have given up making them. Although this year I do have a word that is both resolution and goal I suppose and that is patience. I need more and I want to work on what I have. I reckon your list is doable, and WOW at your sister. I'd be lucky to go a month without eating some of that crap! Impressive!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Good luck, at least you have a list, now just to follow it!

  5. Spilling good Champers makes me sad :( I didn't do the resolutions this year, for me a list like that is just begging to be ignored. Happy New Year x

  6. I never make resolutions but made some goals for my blog. I think that is important. Hope you work through your list with ease. happy new year.

  7. I just LOL'd at "remember to write 2013" instead of 2012 - I have to write the date every day at work, so will see how long it takes me to make the transition! My sister is talking about moving with my niece too and it makes my heart hurt. :(

  8. I think we've all been a bit slack, and it's forgivable, Christmas tends to take up some time! But you sound like you've been having a blast! Loving your NYE resolutions, they sound very achievable. You can do it ;-) x

  9. Good luck with you list, it sure looks like a good one. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses for a fabulous 2013

  10. You need a diary to schedule everything in! I do make resolutions but I am very methodical about it and like to think up a plan to make sure I achieve them. Having said that, I don't always...Good luck with your goals, and happy new year!

  11. Happy New Year!! I was in bed by 9pm.. too tired.. life is too busy to be bothered to stay awake until midnight to be tired again in the morning :)

    Great list you have there.. I must write mine :)

    #teamIBOT was here :)

  12. Seriously your sister did that? Why would you? Sounds like a life half lived to me! ;)

  13. Ha ha. I fell asleep in front of 'Cloudy with a chance of meatballs' in the kids room of the party I was at :) took husband home at 11.30pm coz I hate new years greetings :) good luck with those goals, sure they will be a cinch ;) have a wonderful 2013 xxxxx

  14. I LOVE your list!

    I am going to be more social in real life and be a better friend. Mind if I steal that one?

    All the best with those goals - your sister sounds like a hard-core chick!

    B from #teamIBOT

  15. What great resolutions, and all very personal and details ones - that means you'll stick to them! Good luck with them all and Happy New Year!

  16. Oops, meant to say "detailed". I think my resolution for 2013 should be learn to type/spell!


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