Saturday, 26 January 2013

I promise to TRI!

Today for Australia Day I decided to do something Cra-zy and signed up for my first ever triathlon!!

I know. Crazy!

You may or may not remember that up until recently I was not a very good swimmer.

Today's tri wasn't actually the first tri that I was planning on doing. No. That tri is coming up in March. It's a womens only tri and it's the one that I was planning on doing in 2012 but chickened out of as I didn't want to be the one who needed to be rescued in the swim leg because I totally sucked at swimming!!! 

Instead I enrolled in adult swimming lessons and got my shite together!

So back to todays tri. I decided as a last minute decision to do the Australia Day tri as a "warm up" to the Womens Tri in March. A bit of a test run if you will.

I was worried. Very worried.

I'd been sick all week and apart from heaps of swimming practice, I hadn't really done much road running or riding of late. Everything has been taken place at the gym. While that's great it doesn't really mimic the crap that was about to be thrown at me today!

So. Today I was up at 4:30am for some honey on toast and some last minute checking that I'd packed everything. Then it was off towards Point Walter.

Once there I racked my bike and went to register (check in)

I'm not naked I promise!

Then it was a blur of "where the feck do I head for the ride?" and "which way is the run going?" followed by a quick rundown of all those answers.

By this time I was doing the pee dance and was praying I had time to go find a toilet as my wave was up first.

I choose to go with the novice event. That's a 200m swim, 7km ride and a 2km run. Yeah I know. Ok stop laughing. I get it. It's not that big. But remembering that 4 months ago I couldn't even swim 50m, I wanted my first tri to be an easy and doable one!! To get familiar with the transitions etc.

So the swim started in the water. No need to run in from the beach. I started in the middle at the front and quickly got over taken by a few people. Whatever.

Can you see me??

OH. MY. GOD. What a trippy experience. Swimming in the pool has spoilt me. How different it was to swim in open water. Zero visibility apart from seeing all the jelly fish that I was swimming through. Hundreds. Every scoop I did with my hands was scooping the jelly fish away. What a trip! At least I didn't see any sharks!

I don't know my official times yet but the swim went very quick. Although I think many swear words were screaming through my head during that time.

Coming out of the swim the first hill came into view. Feck. I have to run up that? Ok I'll admit it. I walked a little (remember, I've been sick)

My first transition was daunting. I'd been practising but until you've actually done one you don't really know what to except. I had planned to stand up to the do my shoes but I ended up sitting. 

Yeah I sat. What of it?

Oh well. I was out of there pretty quick. Sock. Shoes. Race belt with number. Glasses. Helmet. Bike. GO!!!!!

I ran my bike out and mounted. Up a hill. Feck!! Ok low gear. Go.

Go! Go! Go!

The ride started on a hill but once at the top I got to fly down it. The bad news? I had to go back up it didn't I. Doesn't matter. I managed to pass a few people who had gotten out of the swim and first transition quicker than me. Then all the "professional" riders started to pass me. On the fecking hills. What's up with that crazy shit. That hill was kick arse crazy!! 

Nearing the end was down hill. Great! A chance to stretch the legs and to "spin" them as this helps with going from the ride to the run. BUT. To get to transition was a climb back UP the hill. Crap! At this point I think I walked my bike (albeit, fast) back to the rack.

Helmet off. Twist the race belt so my number is at the front. GO!

Speed walk through transition and go, go, go............

The run sucked. A down hill run away from the transition area then up and down, up and down.

This is where I got so cranky with myself because even though I promised myself I wouldn't walk, I fecking did. What's up with that? I can run. I can run far. Apparently just not after a swim and a ride! :(  In my defence I had been so crappily sick this week. Something had to give. BUT, it wasn't for long and then I toughened up. The home straight was up hill. A steep hill. Yay! (Not)

Is that the finish line? Thank feck!!

But I did it. I passed the finish line and got a big kiss from Mr Hausfrau! Yay!

As I said, I don't know my times. But I don't really care. I did it as a test run for the Womens Tri in March. I don't think the times will be all that great but it just means I'll have something to beat for next Australia Day! I can't guarantee I will, but I promise to Tri!

After todays tri, I find out, by the officials talking at the presentations that the Point Walter course is the toughest tri course in Perth. Great! Figures. Stupid hills!

It was a great morning. Followed by an afternoon of catching up with friends for a BBQ, drinks and pool volleyball. I hope you all got to celebrate Australia Day in great fashion too!

I hope you all had a fantastic Australia Day - However you celebrated!

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