Monday, 18 February 2013

What to cook when you feel like crap! Also known as Mexicano Salsa Chicken or Slow Cooker Lucky Dip!

Autumn. She's a comin' (That's Fall for my Americano peeps or Herbst for my *ahem* fellow Krauts)

With Autumn comes the start of AFL season for PrincessBF, and the loss of my Tuesday and Thursday afternoons/evenings to footy training.

This is where my old faithful slow cooker comes in handy.

With Autumn comes the onset of the cold and flu season and other crap.

So when I woke up this morning still feeling like death warmed up, knowing that Monday afternoons are now taken up with PrincessBF playing specialised Basketball for her school, I decided to break out the slow cooker early and throw together some bits and pieces to free up my evening. What better than to come home from basketball to a cooked meal!

Let's call this...... Mexicano Salsa Chicken. Yeah sounds boring but I barely have the energy to type let alone think! Oh by the way - totally doped up on antihistamines at the moment so excuse any mistakes.

Mexicano Salsa Chicken

I have no measurements - I totally just threw in what I had in the fridge and cupboard!

Chicken breast (you could use tenderloins or thighs) chopped
Tin tomatoes
Jar of Medium Salsa
Packet of mexican seasoning (only need half a packet)
1/2 red onion - chopped
Some grape tomatoes that were on the way out
1/2 a capsicum I found at the back of the fridge - chopped
2 sticks of near wilted celery - chopped
2 small carrots - sliced
Sea salt flakes and black pepper to taste

Throw it all in.


Set and forget. 6 hours on low (you could also go 4 hours on high)

I had planned to serve it with rice. Came home from basketball to put the rice on only to find that I didn't have any!!! Doh! Not to worry, Mr Hausfrau and PrincessBF had theirs with jacket potatoes and RandomBoy and I have some pasta left over from last nights dinner.

Complements all round to the chef. That'll be me!

Do you have a slow cooker? Use it? Love it?

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  1. I so need to use my slow cooker a little more often. I am going to give this recipe a try with my new meal planner!!

    Jos xx

  2. Yum!! I really need a slow cooker, chuck it in the pot are my fave recipes!!


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