Friday, 22 February 2013

FFS FRIDAY - The First Edition

What better way to whinge about my week than to link up with Sarah over at Dear Baby G with my first edition of FFS Friday!

What's FFS stand for I hear you ask? Come closer and I'll whisper it.

For Fuck Sake

Last Saturday I went to an open water swim session held by the people hosting the Women's Triathlon. No FFS

The water was the choppiest that the trainers have EVER seen it. FFS

Since I've only just gotten over my inability to swim I chickened out and didn't swim all the laps. FFS

I got pretty pissed with myself afterwards. FFS

Took myself to the gym and held my own little triathlon (7km ride/3km run/300m swim) to make up for it. No FFS

My knee is starting to hurt like a bitch when I run. FFS

Sunday morning Mr Hausfrau tested out his new bike and we went for a ride. No FFS

Sunday arvo I started to feel like crap. FFS

Monday morning I woke up sick. FFS

Tuesday morning I woke up sick. FFS

Tuesday my Princess BF turned 13! No FFS

I felt old. FFS

Tuesday night PrincessBF accidently smashed my laptop screen. FFS FFS FFS

Wednesday Mr Hausfrau was paid but it wasn't what we were expecting. FFS

Got a $500 tax bill. FFS

No money for much this fortnight. FFS

Didn't look like I could enter my next tri in time. FFS

Did it anyway. No FFS

2 minute noodles for dinner this fortnight. FFS

No birthday present for me next week. FFS

No money for wine. FFS

Have some in the wine rack. THANK F&$K

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  1. What a week!! Thank goodness the wine rack is stocked!!

    1. Now the question is do I share my wine with Mr Hausfrau who is out of beer?? ;)

  2. Thank goodness the wine rack is already stocked! Hope next week is better for you.

    1. Oh I hope so too! Birthday weeks aren't allowed to suck are they???

  3. Oh lord! I like the sound of this FFS business. Am going to check out Sarah's blog now!!

    1. I know right?!! What a great way to vent! :)
      Yep go check her out - she also currently has a comp going to win an awesome running pram!!


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