Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dear Parents of Teenage Girls. Gather 'Round....

Please watch this

I draw your attention to the 9 second mark.

Go on. Go watch it again. I'll wait.

Now, I ask you. Is that really truly the face of an "upset teenage girl"??


Dear Vanish Napisan PR people. I invite you to come and spend a week at my house to see what an upset teenage girl actually looks like, 'cause I guarantee you that a normal upset teenage girl looks nothing like that!

If that is their idea of a teenage girl being "so upset" I'd love to see how they'd portray one that is in the throes of a bitchy moody hormone riddled PMS'y week. You know, one who snaps at you for the slightest thing, back chats when asked to do something and blames you for every possible thing that goes wrong in their life that week - or maybe that is just my little Princess BitchFace darling.

That. Up there. Is PrincessBF on a good day. She'd have a lot more to say than just pulling a slight grimace on her face if her favourite pair of white jeans were ruined. But I love her and wouldn't have her any other way. For now.

Parents with teens. Is that how your teenage daughter behaves when she is "so upset"?

Really truly?

Acutally, don't tell me. I don't want to know. 

Unless of course your daughter is more like my devil child and then comment away and make me feel better.

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  1. Bahaha that is so funny! I have an angel of a teenage daughter and her sad face is never that angelic!

  2. So glad I have boys-I only have to distinguish between grunts! I was a teenager and a) would never wear white skinny jeans b) act as upset as that-I would have been much more upset!! Obviously not method acting.

  3. We have four girls. One 15, who really is such a sweetie. She has her moments but generally she just quietly slinks off to her room quietly if upset. Then there's our almost 13, she's much the same. But Miss 7 and Miss 5 I just know will challenge all within me! I'm sure!

  4. If that is what an upset teenager looks / sounds like - can I swop ????????????? LOL
    Have the best day !

  5. As the parent of a teenage daughter, all I can say to this ad is HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! If that is your version of 'upset', Napisan, what is your version of 'clean'?


  6. LOL - yeah I know, she's not a very good actress is she!!!

    Mind you if my kid did that (or worse) it'd be like WASH YOUR OWN FREAKING JEANS SUNSHINE!!!

    1. PS forgot to say, visiting from Team IBOT xxx

  7. hahaha, excellent post. I don't have a teenager but I know how i use to react. Rachel x

  8. I'm currently pregnant with my first girl child and I fear the teenage years for so many reasons. You've just added one more to my list!!

  9. We are moving past this with the eldest ( 18 is much better than 15!) But those death stares and then the vitriol that would sneak out would kill on a bad PMS day.

  10. I have a ten year old who would be react worse than that! She'd probably burst into tears, not get angry, but it would still be more emotion than that kid!

  11. Classic Toni - not that I have teens yet, but if they carry on as they are I would have totally been hit in the head with that pair of jeans!!! Great post xx

  12. I am guaranteed to ruin an item of someone's clothing about once a month through my poor washing and ironing skills (not counting discoloured socks and undies, which is a daily thing). I think my teenager is just used to the fact her turn will come around occasionally :)

  13. Bahahahaha! Thats my princess on a good day. When she is expressing unhappiness like that, she wants something. The rest of the time I get sullen, obnoxious attitude that comes with its own huff and eye roll accessories.


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