Sunday, 7 October 2012

Monday to Sunday {According to Instagram}

Thanks to the power of that little schedule button I'm coming at you while I'm camping in the middle of no where somewhere in the Mid West of WA! We have no plan. Just going to drive. Stop where ever. When ever! If the lovely Tina is hosting her blog hop I'll link up when I get home! She did and I did! See the bottom of the page!

So a shorter than usual photo line up this week.

I started the Fat Mum Slim October #FMSphotoaday challenge
Had some wine time in the garden admiring all the blossoming plants
Cooked some yummy German food
Cleaned my office and shredded a shite load of paper
Took the kids to Ikea
Blogged about Mr Hausfrau's new addiction.
Donated plasma
Planned a camping trip!

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  1. I love the sort of roadtrips where you just jump in and drive to wherever the road leads to, no plans, no worries! Have super fun and can't wait to see/hear where you ended up :)

    1. That was the plan! LOL - the plan was that there was no plan! We saw so many things and places that we'd never seen before! Starting a post about it now :)

  2. Oh this reminds me I need to donate some blood
    Hope your trip was awesome! :)


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