Thursday, 18 October 2012

The time we went camping without a plan - Part 3

Welcome to Day 3 of our little adventure. Today was an active day!

First. Have you read part 1 and part 2? No? I'll wait while you go catch up

*hold music*

All caught up? Good.

So. Had big plans to get up and watch the sunrise. Well, I was up. The sun rose. Didn't see it though. Crappy view.

I dragged Mr Hausfrau out of bed and we started the morning with a 3km walk around the Meeka Creek Trail


The entire 3km was littered with crap and most signs had been vandalised! The further I walked the more pissed off I got!

Grrrrrrrr - don't. even. get. me. started.

*mutter* disrespectful - disgraceful - disgusting *mutter*

Afterwards we walked down to the truck stop, you know the one, the one with the freaking trucks that kept us up all night, for a nice coffee. Then we packed up camp, hit the road and headed back towards Cue. We had some exciting places to visit!

First stop was the tourist info shop for some town knowledge. Mr Hausfrau had been to the area a few years back but says he doesn't remember. He didn't even remember that he had stayed in Cue before! I say old age. He says it wasn't memorable enough to remember.

We missed the Outback Triathlon by 2 days! Bugger! I would have loved to have seen this as I was meant to be doing the local Duathlon back in Perth on the Sunday but the chance of a getaway won out over it though... Meh, next year.


All info'd up we hit the road and started the drive towards the historic ghost town of Big Bell. Once a thriving mining town it's a shell of its former glory with a few remaining building and tributes to its glorious history.

We even got to see our only snake of the whole trip! It's a Ringed Brown Snake!

The pics on the left and right are the ones we took and hard to see. The middle photo is one I prepared earlier from here.

It was down the bottom of an old well type concrete thingy. We were perfectly safe.

Next stop was the absolutely amazing Walga Rock!

It is the second largest monolith in Australia. First being Uluru.

First we explored the cave with all the aboriginal rock painting.

Next we drove around it.

Then. Yeah you know what's coming don't you?



Heading back to Cue we checked in at the Cue Tourist Park. What a great place! (free plug! free plug! free plug!) They've just expanded and have all new facilities. Very awesome facilities! They even have a TV room! Not that we needed it but would be great if camping with kidlets!

We found a spot right behind the old gaol and set up camp.

After lunch and a refreshing shower (in the awesome shower facilities) we were off again to walk around the town and checked out some historic buildings.

After such an active day it was dinner and early to bed.

No trucks.
No Belgian chitty chatty back packers.
No cold weather.

Still no sleep!!

To be continued.......

(only one more post I promise!)

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  1. wow.. the rocks look cool... I have travelled the world - but never gone to the outback..

    1. Do yourself a favour and get out there Yvette! In 2008 we took the kids up north to the Kimberley for 4 weeks! It was A-MAZ-ING!! They still talk about it!!

  2. Eek! That snake!!! What an adventure! Love how clear and blue the skies are in all your photos.
    I've always wanted to do a duathlon or a mini triathlon (if there's such a thing).
    Look forward to reading the next instalment :) x

    1. Thanks Grace.... We were safe from the snake!
      Check out They have smaller distances!!!
      Next instalment is up! ;)

  3. Enjoyed your post - I have had the pleasure of Ayres Rock many many times but never Walga Rock. Looks like it is worth visiting.

    1. I didn't even know about Walga Rock until we were sussing out which direction we'd head in for our few days away! The closest I've been in Ayres Rock was flying over it and a stop over at the Ayres Rock airport! Would love to climb it!!

  4. aounds like a camping trip that will go down in history with many tales shared over the years!
    Love the rock you climbed, and your swags look so cool!

    1. It certainly will Lisa! The rock was awesome!! It was well worth the visit!
      Love our swags - so much easier than setting up a tent and I get to fall asleep under the stars!!!


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