Saturday, 13 October 2012

The time we went camping without a plan - Part 1

A rare occurrence took place in our household recently. We were going to be kid free for almost one whole week!! PrincessBF and Random Boy were off to stay with their Dad. 

*dancing* "OMG OMG OMG! Kid free! Kid free! Kid free!" *dancing*

Hmmm - what to do? What to do?

Bali seemed like a good choice as neither myself or Mr Hausfrau have been there. Thailand was the first choice but the moths that flew out of our wallet was a pretty good indication that Bali was the better choice.


Alas, it wasn't to be. Mr Hausfrau couldn't get the time off needed to really enjoy ourselves.

So we did the only sensible thing. We took Max to a kennel, packed up the ute with swags, food, beer & wine and headed off into the sunset!

We had no plan but we had the makings for adventure!

Soooo many "oversized" trucks to try and pass! Did you know that 1000 trucks leave Perth for the mine sites every single day!

As we didn't leave until the early arvo we made it to Dalwallinu and called it a day. Originally we had plans of camping in a rest area but I just couldn't get the Wolf Creek thoughts out of my mind! We found the local caravan park and set up camp.

After a yummy dinner while watching the sunset we were entertained by the local park resident coming home drunk and upon not being able to successfully stick the key into his vans door he proceeded to kick it open! Unsuccessfully. Luckily his lift home stopped and offered some more sober assistance.

Someone is going to have a sore head in the morning!

Turns out it was me from lack of sleep. No sleep was obtained due to the fact that I was fecking freezing!

We had decided to share the one swag laid out in the back of the Ute without setting it up properly so it could be zipped up. Major fail. It was soooo cold. Spent the night pressed up so close to Mr Hausfrau that he told me in the morning he thought I was trying to actually climb into his body. Kinda was.

Pretty sure that this was what outside resembled!!

At some stage I woke to Mr Hausfrau crawling out to use the loo. "Brilliant" I thought. "It must be at least 530. That's his usual pee time" - No such fecking luck! It was only midnight! MIDNIGHT!! ARE YOU FOR REALS!???

Had serious thoughts of crawling into the front seat to sleep or on the bench in the ablution block. Nope. Too cold to even move!

Finally managed to sneak in a little sleep as the sun started to rise and the temperature followed suit. A little. Maybe 30 minutes. Crap.

To be continued.......

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  1. Oh man i was thinking oh how lovely what a nice getaway. i'm an ex perth girl myself and a trip like that sounds great. right up until it got cold and then freezing, no thanks i'll stay here and just enjoy the read.

    1. Stay with me! It gets warmer I promise :)
      Part 2 will be ready tomorrow xx

  2. Dadabulous proposed to me on a camping trip. It was romantic but I have no need to relive the experience on the next occasion that we are kid free. (God knows how many years away that will be.
    Looking forward to hearing about how you manage to defrost.

    1. I can do both roughing it and glaming it up!! We would have loved to have spent the week in style somewhere but lack of money meant we needed to rough it and that was still great!! Next kid free holiday is hopefully Europe again!

  3. Dalwallinu is my home town!! Hope it wasn't too boring for you!

    1. No not at all Anne! We had a drive around the town in the morning before we left but everything was still all shut as it was so early plus it was a Sunday... There is a fantastic new discovery center there now that we would have loved to stop at and check out!! It was quite a pretty little town!!


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