Sunday, 28 October 2012

The time we went camping without a plan - final instalment I promise ;)

Sooooooo, to recap for those of you just joining our recent camping with no plan adventure

Part 1 we left Perth late and travelled to Dalwallinu

Part 2 we drove all the way to Meekatharra

Part 3 we had heaps of fun exploring some places around Cue

This bring us to this part. The last part. I promise. Yeah I know, sorry to draw it out over 4 instalments. I just didn't want to bore you guys too much!

We were up super early in Cue as we had at least a 650km drive in front of us and we wanted to detour to check out a place we had heard about.

Since we were looking for some adventure we decided to detour the safety of the Great Northern Highway and took to the back roads! The dirt back roads!

We headed back towards Walga Rock, passed it  and praying that the basic map we clutched to was correct we headed towards Yalgoo.

With a quick toilet pit stop in the tiny town that had emus roaming the streets we drove towards our destination. Jokers Tunnel.

Wow! What a site to marvel at!

The tunnel was hand carved (pick axe thingys) through the solid rock of a mountain by early gold prospectors.

It's a pretty spectacular tunnel!

The light at the end of the tunnel!

Big "snake warning" signs sort of detured me from walking through but we hopped in the car and drove around the other side.

Back on the road and we were back on the red dirt. Orginally we were going to be heading  back towards Paynes Find but being the adventurise risk taker that we are we followed some different signs back to the highway. 

The risk paid off and after about 200km of gorgeous red dirt landscape we came out 109kms of Wubin where we decided to stop at a road house for lunch.

Burger time!!

Then it was Perth or bust! Passed some HUGE trucks on the way home. Some that blocked the whole road and saw us and 20 other cards pulled over in a rest area waiting for them to pass!

After over 1500kms of adventure we made it home.

It was an amazing 4 day road trip. The perfect way to spend the lead up to our wedding anniversary!

Amount of km's travelled  - 1527
Number of live kangaroos seen - 4
Number of Emus seen - 15
Number of lizards seen and not run over - 6
Number of goats seen - uncountable
Number of snakes seen - 1
Number of towns visited - 14
Number of huge rocks climbed - 1
Number of ghost towns explored - 1

Number of new memories created - endless

Can't wait until we can do it again!

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  1. There is some gorgeous scenery to be had out that way. You would've driven straight past our house in Miling!

    1. There is! It's a shame we didn't do it a few weeks earlier as we missed the majority of the wild flowers. Was still great views though!! Next time I drive through Miling I'll wave Annaleis!!

    2. I'll wave back but you might miss us if you blink! Wildflowers weren't as good this year. Hopefully will be a good year next year :)

  2. What a great adventure! Great looking burger too :-) Hope to do it myself one day. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday.


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