Thursday, 11 October 2012

The day that ended with the strangest question ever

Yesterday marked 2 years since the day that I married my spunk. So we spent the day doing what we do best. Eating and drinking.

Lunch was with a kick arse view of the Indian Ocean at Salt On The Beach

Followed by a delicious dégustation menu at Restaurant Amusé including all the wines and Champagne.

I'd love to post pics but as they keep their menu under wraps I thought it best not to take pics and ruin the surprise! Go check out their website. But here, here's a photo of what I resembled when I got home

Oh my lordy was I ready to explode!!

So then, the strangest most random question was asked.....

One street and literally 5 houses from home Mr Hausfrau asks the strangest question ever........ 

"What's the plural of hippopotamus?

WTF? Where the heck did that question come from?

Well my darling I'm happy to report that as I suspected, hippopotami is the correct answer, but hippopotamuses or just hippos are apparently also correct words.

Happy now?


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