Sunday, 30 September 2012

Have We Met? Let Me Formally Introduce Myself!!

First of all. Thank you to everyone who has joined me in my first month of being a Blogger! I never excepted to get so far so quick! If you've been with me from the beginning or recently started following me but backtracked to read the older posts, you may have read that I wanted to stay anonymous as I wasn't sure how far I was willing to "put myself out there". Well, I've since decided, feck it! I really don't care who reads my blog or what they think! Take it or leave it, I do what I do and I am who I am! 

Please let me introduce myself

*pours wine* 


*clears throat*

My name is Toni. I'm married to a spunky German man and I'm The Aussie Hausfrau.

I'm a stay at home mum who spends 10% of my time studying and 90% of my time telling people that I study.

I like good coffee and great wine.

I love 80’s music and I sing along in the car very loudly just to annoy my kids.

I love cooking. I spend hours researching yummy recipes to feed my family.

I love health and fitness. I cook healthy and live healthy (apart from the wine – that is absolutely necessary to get me through my week

I'm not very organised although I strive to be! I spend too much time making lists of the lists that I need to make! 

I'm also the Queen of Procrastination ;)

Meet The Rest Of The Family

 Mr Hausfrau

He’s German. He loves all things German. Beer, food, football (real football, you know, the type with a round ball), German cars and did I mention beer? He works hard. Real hard.

He likes lazy Sunday mornings in bed reading the paper and nanna naps on a Saturday arvo.

He is pretty funny for a German. He makes me laugh. We make each other laugh. That keeps us happy. Very happy.

He’s my rock.

Princess BF

She’s almost 13. She is an extremely sporty and energetic chick who talks non-stop and is a little spit fire! We clash big time eleventy eight times a week but I love her to death and wouldn't have her any other way!

Random Boy

He is the youngest, he is almost 10 but is still my little baby, although when I tell him that he tells me that “it’s inappropriate” to say that! I'm also not allowed to kiss him in public! He is wise beyond his years and is passionate about so many things. When he wants to do something or buy something he spends hours and hours researching. Of course these things generally phase in and out so quickly that I can’t keep up! He is, by his own admission, very random! He comes up with the most random comments and stories at the most random times! 

PrincessBF and Random Boy are from my first marriage. Their Dad lives here in Perth and they visit one night a week.

The Step Kids*

Mr Hausfrau has 2 daughters who live with their Mother but visit us once or twice a week.

N1 is almost 14 and loves writing stories and drawing.

N2 is 11 and likes to dance.

*Because the girls don’t live with us they won’t feature a lot in my blog. Not because I don’t want them to but because we don’t  have full custody we don’t really have final say of putting their names and photos out there for the  whole world to see, so it wouldn't be prudent of us to do so.


Max is our 4 year old Weimaraner. He loves barking to go outside so he can bark to come in again. He also loves chewing stuff up and digging holes.

Monty Python

Monty is our 5 year old South Western Carpet Python and is currently around 1.5m in length. He loves defrosted mousicles.  He lives in a huge vivarium that Mr Hausfrau built with his own 2 hands. I helped. I fetched the beer and handed out suggestions.

Kath and Kim*

These 2 ladies love to eat our scraps, scratch for bugs and chase the wild mice who like to steal their food. They occasionally lay an egg or two for us. *RIP Kim

So that’s us. One big blended family.
It’s not always fun fun fun but whose family is?

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  1. Well hello there Toni! It is nice to put a name & face to your blog! It makes blogging so much easier when you put your name & face out there. I too was once a mystery but now there are no secrets! Ok, maybe a couple, LOL


  2. Oh hai Toni, so nice to meet you! You have done well in your first month, because you're so darn entertaining! Thanks for the intro, it's always nice to know more about a blogger. But what's a hausfrau?

    1. Thanks Kelly - I try ;)
      Oh and Hausfrau is German for house wife :)

  3. Nice to "meet" you Toni! It's like when Kiss was photographed without their make-up. PS - Thoroughly enjoying your blog :)

  4. And I always imagined you as this buxom woman named Hilda with biceps like ham hocks from carrying too many steins. What a nice surprise!


    1. LOL!! Definitely not buxom but the biceps are pretty good! :)

  5. Oh nice to get to know you better!
    Ok I'm trying to work out the time line on the kids. Is Princess BF your husbands? Cause I'm imagining a whole lot of partner swapping he with a 14,13,11 and 10 year old in the mix!
    Feel free to tell me to mind my own business btw. ;)

    1. No way chick, ask away!! PrincessBF and Random Boy are from my first marriage.. Might have to make an edit on the post as now that I look back it does seems a little confusing!


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