Monday, 3 September 2012

{Weekly Meal Plan}

I normally create a meal plan for a fortnight and as I started my blog during the first week I thought I'd share with you week 2 of that plan.

Next week I will share the fortnightly plan along with links to the recipes if I have them. I will post recipes that I have tweeked and now call my own along the way too.

Monday - Beef Fillet with Veg (Mr Hausfrau is in charge of this tonight as I'm in bed with a crook back)

Tuesday - Pollo in Padella (Chicken Braised in a Pan)

Wednesday - Taking the kids to Ikea tonight if I can walk!

Thursday - Chicken Teriyaki and Rice

Friday - Mexican Night! Beef Fajitas! Choc Banana and Raspberry Quesadillas for dessert!

Saturday - Spanish Chorizo Soup

Sunday - Spaghetti Bolognese

Guten Appetit

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