Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Illusional Shirt. {is that even a word? Meh' - it is now}

Occasionally I get into a rhythm with my Hausfrau duties and I actually get stuff done. 

Sometimes it doesn't last for long.

They say "it takes 21 days to form a habit" well I must only make it to 20 days with some things.

But not with ironing. I obviously made it past 21 days. (except for my ironing hiatus because of my back incident)

Mr Hausfrau needs 6 business shirts a week. I wash them all on Saturday when he gets home from work. I iron 1 on Sunday for Monday if there are none ironed and then Monday I iron at least 5 of them.

I like to watch TV while I iron.

Anyhoo I'm totally moving away from my reason for this post.

Mr Hausfrau has 1 shirt in particular that I like to leave until the end 'cause I hate ironing it.

Yes he has shirts with cufflink cuffs. You know, those ones that need to fold the cuff over that are a pain in the butt to iron.

But not this one. This one makes me need to sit down and rest once I've finished with the sucker.

Here is the offending shirt. A red and white striped Ralph Lauren business shirt.

"What could possibly be wrong with it?" I hear you ask. 

"It's a nice shirt" I hear you say. 

Yes it is. Might I add he looks mighty fine wearing it too!

Well here within lies my problem.

It's an "illusional shirt". What's a illusional shirt you may wonder?

Well you know those crazy illusion pictures that pop up from time to time on the internet?

This one is doing the rounds on facebook at the moment.

do you see squares or circles?

Well the damn shirt hurts my eyes. As I'm ironing it the red lines slightly change colour and all the white and red stripes move. Move I tells ya!

Like this. If it were red and white.

Do they move? Are they straight?

Here's a close up of the stupid shirt although I'm sure on the computer screen they won't move for you. Apparently you need to use an iron on it for it to work!

It does my freaking head in!

Just in case you aren't dizzy enough already here are some more illusions for you to ponder.

What do you see? Are you sure?

I'm off to lay down and rest my eyes. No not really. I'm off to pour another wine.

Did you know that apparently the whole "it takes 21 days to form a habit" saying is a myth? No neither did I! But apparently it's true. Apparently it's 66 days. I read about it here.

Are you a Sex and the City fan?  Do you remember episode 2 in series 5 called "Unoriginal Sin"? It's the one where Miranda's baby, Brady, is baptised. Ok so if you're not a fan catch up. In this episode Carrie is stuck for something to write about for her column and wonders if she should write about "Randal the Sandal Guy" that she dated 6 years ago 'cause she had nothing to write about and was "scraping the bottom of the barrel"? Well this was me today as I pondered if this story was interesting enough to post. I mean, really, an illusional shirt! Who the heck writes about an illusional shirt! Me obviously. I'm not even on painkillers for my back any more! But you're here now and if you've come this far you've obviously read it! You can't unread it. I just hoped you liked it.

All those crazy pictures that probably hurt your eyes too so you probably can't even read this, I got from here.
Except the crazy shirt one. The crazy shirt ones are all mine.

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  1. Oh I hate ironing, and luckily don't have shirts and stuff that do need ironing. But that shirt would play tricks on my eyes too! I have bed sheets like that but they are blue and white small stripes and every now and then they make me so dizzy!!

    1. I must be weird 'cause I actually like ironing but geez that shirt seriously is trippy!!

      Luckily Mr Hausfrau's work shirts are the only ironing I regularly do. I hang all my clothes on hanger straight from the machine and they dry without needing ironing!! Genius!

  2. I hate ironing and I hate illusion thingys. That would all add up to me telling him to iron his own darn shirt!

    1. LOL - He can and does iron his own shirts at times Bree.... I've put off ironing THAT shirt this week. Ironed every shirt but THAT shirt.... :)

  3. I have been scrolling my maus wheel up and down up and down to make the circles move. Wheeee.

    (Beats ironing!)


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