Sunday, 23 September 2012

Monday to Sunday {According to Instagram}

Geez I'm late with this tonight. Better late than never. Give me a sec while I pour another wine.....

Ok, I'm ready....

So just in case you've missed my week.

Still going strong with the Fat Mum Slim Photo Challenge

Took the red lipstick dare from Fox in Flats

Broke more wine glasses. Still looking for a wine glass sponsor ;) Anyone???

Cleaned my fridge out. Thank you Fat Mum Slim! I think it was for the first time this year! I found items with a use by date of 2010

Made gnocchi

Dealt with a confused dishwasher

Had a few doctor trips for the kidlets

Posted a yummy wordless Wednesday

Caught up with a friend for wine time

Wrote an open letter to my facebook friends

Had a busy friday driving between 2 schools for 2 different sports carnivals

Picked my Mum up from the airport

Had a home made pizza night

Finally managed to squeeze in a date day with my mister

Spent today pottering around the house doing Hausfrau duties and making jam after buying a whole tray full of strawberries at the local farmers markets while doing the weekly shop

Oh and the best news - I was nominated for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Australian Blogs! You can vote for me here!!

Enjoy the photos


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  1. Love your pics, wine, red lippy, food... win win win! I still can't get used to wearing red lippy. I tried it while doing the house work one day, but I feel like a bit of a clown. I'm not used to having so much colour on my face, I'm usually all about the neutrals. I'll keep trying tho! x

    1. Thanks Kelly :)
      Me too with the red lippy - I've gotta be in the mood for it and I can't do heavy makeup on the eyes if I'm doing the red lip thing :) Maybe start with a light shade of red and work your way up? xx

  2. Love your photos! Looks like a great week :) Thanks for blog hopping with me x

  3. Replies
    1. A week that includes wine, yummy food and red lipstick is always awesome ;) Thanks for stopping by xx

  4. Must of been the week for braking wine glasses, I to have broken a few this week. opps!
    Looks like a great week.

    1. I go weeks without breaking any and then BAM, two in 12 hours!! I really MUST find me a sponsor who makes wine glasses ;)

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  5. Now that's a full and productive week.

    1. Full yes, productive no ;)

      A look of eating, cooking, looking great in red lippy and taking many a photo..... No study or cleaning done :(
      Here's for a better week this week.... (doubt it!) LOL


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