Monday, 3 September 2012

Monday to Sunday {According to Instagram}

Well actually since I only began this blog including my facebook page and Instagram on Tuesday it's really a "Tuesday to Sunday, According to Instagram" post. I promise that next week will be different. No really, it will be :)

I'm linking up with the lovely Tina @ Tina Gray {dot} me for my first ever linky blog thingy!

1. second last training session of the season. 
2. a new month of 'photo of a day'. 
3.there's nothing easier than having your groceries delivered right to your kitchen floor. 
4. a $680 caused me to pack away the heaters and dress like a colourful ninja. 
5. fortnightly plasma donation. 
6. enjoying a snack after my donation. 
7. one very happy kid. He was waiting ages for the ikea catalougue to arrive. 
8. last day of footy training for the season. 
9. the weird chocolate, biscuit, m&m mashup snack that was snuck into my shop by my sneaky daughter.

1. my first 'real' blog post.
2. getting cranky with facebook.
3. day 1 #FMSphotoaday
4. chillaxing on the lounge with a glass of red starting this blog.
5. my view from bed after I f*%ked my back.
6. A f*%ked back wasn't going to stop me from finishing my wine.
7. my bed companion while I waited for the painkillers to arrive.
8. fathers day present
9. fathers day picnic goodness

1. #FMSphotoaday - father - me and my daddy - i still have that bear.
2. painkillers are here
3. shamefully 'flogging my blog' from my deathbed
4. see.

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  1. Hello! I hope your back is getting better - I've enjoyed following you on instagram this past week or so. You're not a stalker - don't they say great minds think alike!!!

  2. Probably the North QLD connection that makes us so awesome ;)
    Back is a teensy weensy bit better. Thanks for asking :)
    Did you visit my blog before or after it's little make over? I'm trying this view on for now to see if I like it - geez it's a lot to work out!!!

  3. Oh, wow. I didn't realise you were THAT new. Welcome to blogging! And thanks for joining my little blog hop x

    1. LOL Yep! I'm fresh on the scene - Thanks for helping me out :)


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