Sunday, 30 September 2012

Monday to Sunday {According to Instagram}

Wrapping up my week with a glass or two of wine on the lounge with Mr Hausfrau and a Blog Hop with the lovely Tina from Tina Gray {dot} Me! It's a public holiday here tomorrow and we have a big day planned at the beach!!

So, this week

We had solar panels installed on the roof
I shopped in my pyjamas
My facebook page reached 200 likers
I pondered the Kissing Equation
Spent some time with my Mum
Random Boy had another dentist visit
It hailed again!
Lit a candle in memory of Jill Meagher
Cooked a yummy Green Thai Chicken Curry
Exposed myself to you all ;)
Took the kids for a drive to Lake Leschenaultia
Monty had a feed
Wine was drunk
and I actually managed to finish a whole month of #FMSPhotoaday without missing a single day!

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  1. Oh well done on doing a whole month of photo a day! I am yet to do that. Actually this month Ai Sakura and I are trying to do a month between us, because neither of us are any good at it. ;)

  2. you definitely had a busy week!!!

    1. Will be busier this week now that school holidays have started..... pray for me ;)

  3. Well done for finishing the month. Me too! First one that I actually finished after starting SO many of them. Thanks for blog hopping with me x

    1. It's my pleasure Tina!

      I did one back in January but there was a lot of catch up days!!

  4. Congrats on finishing a whole month! I've been doing it now for maybe 6 months, and it just gives me a little challenge everyday - makes the old brain think for a minute or two!!! Looks like you had a wonderful and busy week :)


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